Hague Quality Water International
is proud to be


American manufacturing first became world-renowned in the early 19th century when American companies successfully developed interchangeable parts for muskets and rifles. The Industrial Revolution utilized our natural resources like cotton and minerals, which led to manufacturing and mining innovations including steam power.  Henry Ford led us into the Golden Age with his assembly line.  Manufacturing in the US has been a fundamental building block for global invention as well as our own economic success as a nation.  We have been at the forefront of manufacturing for hundreds of years, not to mention a pioneer of ethical work practices and labor laws.

Many companies today claim that their products are “Made in the USA”, but often times this is only partially true. Our manufacturing capability has been the key to our success. In-house control of our components has set Hague Quality Water apart from our competition. Every water softener is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in our plant located in Groveport, Ohio by skilled American Workers.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
Henry Ford