Leasing equipment is a great way to acquire wealth by building equity in your business. The Rental Growth Program enables you to build recurring income by establishing lucrative rental accounts, without requiring a cash investment in rental equipment. This program is designed to provide additional cash flow— supporting you when business is good and when the economy fluctuates.

For WaterMax, dealers may elect to receive extra credit of up to $400 beyond the price of the unit. The dealer cost of the extra credit is at the same percentage as the regular factory charge. Having the opportunity to receive up to an additional $400 allows the dealer to pay for the sales rep’s commission plus add to his cash flow. Use our handy RGP calculator to find out how much your business could benefit.


“My business cannot lease equipment because…I need sales, not leases!”

Absolutely! The Rental Growth Program is designed to get you more sales, not replace your sales with leases. If used properly and consistently, the Rental Growth Program will get you into more doors which will result in more sales. The key is to think “demonstrations!”

“I cannot afford to lease new equipment.”

When you lease a Watermax and send us the lease, we’ll send you a check or credit memo for the equipment.

“My salespeople will not promote a lease because they want a sale.”

So, after your sales rep puts on a great demonstration and the customer does not want to buy, what happens? Sure sales are great but if you don’t get the sale at that time why walk away from getting a sale from that prospect a month or two later? Your least favorable option is to invest time and talent in a demonstration and then walk out the door with nothing. If the customer says no to the sale then the sales rep should switch right into a lease using the $4.95 introductory offer. Once the Watermax is installed as a lease you now have either a profitable lease or a future sale, a win-win situation.

“I can’t afford to pay a commission to a sales rep.”

Obviously you should pay a lower commission for a lease than a sale. $50 or so for a lease may not seem like much but walking out the door without any chance of a future sale from the customer is a waste of opportunity. As a sales rep, which would you rather have, zero commission or a $50 commission plus a chance of a sale in a month or so?

“Leasing seems too complicated for too little money.”

This cannot be answered in a few short sentences. Leasing is a great way to build an annuity income for you for the future. As a professional water treatment dealer, you simply cannot afford to not include leasing as part of your profit center. Your Hague rep can review in detail with you why leasing is important to your business.