OUR FAMILY OF PRODUCTS has been providing the highest quality water from the most reliable and efficient water treatment system on the domestic market since 1960.
As the leader of innovative water treatment technology, we proudly carry the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal on all products. We invite you to take a closer look at each of the products in our line. 
HAGUE high-quality PRODUCTS


  • image  WaterMax  


    PATENTED, EFFICIENT WaterMax® is a patented, comprehensive water softener system; truly the right water cleaner for our age of conservation—highly efficient in water, salt and time. Learn More »

  • imageH6500 RO

    H6500 RO

    ALL-AROUND CLEAR CHOICE The H6500 RO provides great tasting, bottled water straight from the tap. Great for both commercial and residential use, the H6500 RO is the top choice for those seeking “life support water” for both drinking and food preparation. Learn More »

  • imageHydroClean 3


    ECONOMICAL, SOFT WATER Treating water with HYRDROCLEAN3 (HC3) provides clean, soft water at an economical price. Read More »

  • imageMaximizer


    CLEAR SAVINGS The comprehensive Maximizer® is a patented water softener system designed to provide your customers with soft, clean water while delivering them cost effective savings. Read More »

  • imagePura-tech


    SPACE-SAVING POWERHOUSE With a usable capacity of 32,500 grains of hardness removal, the compact, family-friendly Pura-Tech® continually outperforms many conventional water softeners. Read More »

  • imageHomeguard


    SMALL BUT MIGHTY Perfect for use in small spaces, this compact powerhouse features the same technology as our full-size WaterMax softener, while providing homeowners with maximum hard water treatment in the most space-challenged environments. Read More »

  • imageTil-Light Commercial


    COMMERCIAL WATER TREATMENT The Twin Intermediate Line, or TIL-Light Commercial is designed for light commercial water users. Hague’s total involvement in engineering and manufacturing ensures value and consistent quality in our six available models. Read More »

With a product line this robust, your opportunities are limitless.

At Hague, we take pride in offering our dealers an extensive line of products to chose from when determining the right mix for their individual dealership. If you have any questions about the available products, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.